Exterra Termite Bait


Termite bait system


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If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to ridding your home of termites, Exterra is your best choice.

Exterra is a baiting system, so it requires placement of specially designed 'stations' into the ground around the outside of your building. Each station contains a piece of non-toxic timber to draw the termites in. They are then inspected on a regular basis.

Bait is added to the station after termites have settled in, which disturbs the termites' ability to consume wood.

The bait is spread through the termite colony by the natural grooming and feeding habits of the insect. The active ingredient in the bait stops the termite from being able to produce an exoskeleton, which is fatal for the termite.

To ensure successful planting of the stations, which is critical for the baiting process to work, it is best to utilise the services of an experienced and accredited Exterra specialist.

Tropical Pest Control have been using the Exterra Termite Bait system for many years and we are able to identify the best spots for the stations to be laid.

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